What to do with leftover cookies

I tried to make these “healthy” cookies the other week with leftover almond meal from homemade almond milk.

They turned out like… shit. Excuse my language.

I kept them in the fridge for over a week… Unwilling to bring them to a party and be rid of them forever or attempt to enjoy one.

Since I had used some of my more expensive ingredients (cacao nibs and almond meal) I couldn’t bare to throw them away.

So I made some Cookie Truffles dipped in a coconut hazelnut ganache.


These bad boys are delicious, keep well in the freezer, and do not seem like they were made from a batch of not so delicious cookies.

Check out this recipe next time you need to fix a baking experiment gone awry or make use of cookies that are too stale to eat on their own.

And here are some pictures of what used be not-so-great cookies looking all ganached and fabulous.


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