Something there that wasn’t there before…

Can you tell I watched Beauty and the Beast on the plane ride home?

It was pretty tough to come back from a week in Boston with this guy. We had an amazing time walking (everywhere), eating Boston’s finest veggie foods, and getting to see where he lives, takes classes, and meet his friends. Super proud of him for taking the “bull by the horns” and going after it.

Blue Man Group! I want my brother to be a Blue Man. It’s my new dream.

When I got back I had a phone call with my favorite and not favorite person… Jimmy. Jimmy is my favorite person because he inspires and motivates me to take risks. That is also the reason he is not my favorite person 😛

So here’s the risk…

I have gotten super comfortable writing this blog.

It’s so easy, right? All I have to do is sit down at my computer, do some research, take some pictures, and type. Sure I have to proof read, make sure it’s relevant… but it’s on my own time.

I am nice and safe behind my computer… Getting to it whenever it’s convenient for me, no one to interact with, tell me I’m wrong, or challenge me to do something better.

And it’s reflected in the numbers. The average # of views I have a on blog post is around 80.

When I wrote the post “When you give two weeks notice” I had close to 1,000 views! More than 12 times the average. That means something.

So I got to thinking (okay asking) Jimmy, “What can I do to take my business to the next level?” I am looking for more engagement, more people to be involved in the conversation about health, their bodies, starting something new, paving their own way, and taking risks.

His answer…


WHAT?! No that sounds like a lot of work… I hate listening to my own voice…

What will people think?

Will they think I’m weird? A wannabe?

Everybody and their mom has a podcast.

What do I possibly have to offer?

All things running through my head as I am typing this. All of my reasons not to do it.

There are also plenty of reasons why I should…

#1: Step out of my comfort zone. 

I am ready to be an amateur again. Not that I am not an amateur in just about everything else, but I am ready to be like a newborn baby; navigating the world slowly and with curiosity. Trying to avoid household cleaning products and things that can tip over.

#2: Engagement.

Omg… So nervous… Okay, here it goes… Will you listen to my podcast?

Reading blogs can be hard. It’s funny, I really don’t follow or read any blogs… I usually scroll right to the recipes… But I do listen to a crap ton (that’s for you breanimal) of podcasts. That’s the way that I enjoy digesting information and yet I give no one an opportunity to engage with my content that way.

#3: Bring The Beauty Mindset to you.

I am looking to meet people where they are at. Be something that they can listen to in the car on the way to their 9-5 where they feel stuck in or that little mid-week pick-me-up when shit hits the fan.

Every time you engage with this content I want you to feel confident in who you are and what you have to offer. I want you to see health as a vehicle to get you to exactly where you want to be. And encourage you to develop an appreciation for exactly where you are.

The more that I do workshops, talk to women (and men), and put myself out there the more that I see how important it is.

I am ready to risk not doing something right, not being perfect, and possibly crashing and burning because I know that the ability to be confident in your body and navigate the times when you don’t is life changing

There you have it folks. I am super excited/nervous/scared shitless/energized about sharing The Beauty Mindset in a podcast.

Stay tuned for more deets. In the meantime…

The first 5 people to email me with the requested information below will get either..

A) a free beauty is a mindset necklace (pick your style)


B) do a free 1-hr consultation (I do them via skype for my non-Houstonians!).

#1: What is something that you struggle with in your health right now?

#2: What is something in your life that’s not working you wish you could solve?

#3: How has this blog, a workshop, cooking class, or one-on-one impacted your life?

#4: Do you want a necklace or a free consultation? Or neither. We can figure it out 🙂

Thank you for being a reader of this blog!!

Newsletters will keep on comin’ with recipes and other briefer tidbits. Stay tuned.

PS: I got an ice cream maker… So excited to try my hand at plant-based ice creams… Something to look forward to.

Fomu. My inspiration.



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